• I’m am playing though the game on very hard difficulty. I am playing a high intellence, powerarmor and scavenger build. Sanctuary is main settlement. I want to eventually have settlements everywhere at max population. Here are my question.

    1.does it mater where the supply lines connect to in order to access my sanctuary workshop? For example, if I have a supply line from Santuary to grey garden and a supply line from greygarden to the castle does my castle get acccess to my sanctuary workshop?

    2. What about the opposite? If The Castle has a supply line from Grey garden and grey garden to sanctuary, does the castle get access to sanctuary also?

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    • Hello, and welcome to Community Central! The forums here are generally used to request help with fandom.

      Perhaps there's a wiki for the game you're playing, where there are people who could likely answer your questions. What is this game called?

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    • A FANDOM user
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