• This is part of a current issue on the JoJo wiki, but also more of a general question:

    What is the general policy when it comes to listing airdates for episodes that air at or after midnight?

    In Japan, stations will often list a show as "Friday 00:30" to denote Saturday 12:30, or something to that effect. Similarly, the Toonami block lists JoJo as "Saturday at 12am" even though that is technically Sunday. I've noticed Wikipedia and other sites use these Saturday airdates.

    Apologizes if this seems more appropriate in another forum section, but I wanted to either find a current policy on it, or create a new one for our wiki.

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    • Individual wikis may have their own policies regarding content formatting; there's no global rule for that. If you and others feel that using Wikipedia's airdate format will be the most convenient and useful, feel free to do so.

      Personally, I'd also include the timezone of the airdate(s), as well as location(s), but this may not work for your wiki. Ultimately, it's a local decision, and Community Central users usually may only be able to provide their best suggestions.

      As for policy examples, I unfortunately cannot think of one currently.

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