• a bit silly which is why i’m using a blank account but i’ve applied to adopt the wiki of the show that i love and Love with a capital L, been watching it since it aired a decade ago and only tell my friends the name of it after i’ve built trust over months and months. thing is it’s a fairly inactive community, maybe one or two updates every couple of days and sometimes every couple of weeks. and it’s a REALLY silly question but... how much do i edit? is it okay to do a complete overhaul of the pages that haven’t been touched in years even if they’re good enough, just not the best they could be? i feel like with such a small small and inactive community i should be preserving the little contributions we do get, and that there’s a difference between being an admin and active contributor and just changing everything even if everything needs to be changed. idk. it feels morally wrong for some reason even though i guess it’s really not. also like... i do check up every day but what if i miss a day? am i still a good admin if i just accidentally get too absorbed in life and leave the wiki unattended for days? what if whoever is active tries to reach me and i’m not there???? you could say i’m stressed

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