• The Imperial Assault wiki has some keywords configured to display small images on a page, such as Template:Z on this page:
    Where can I find a list of all these keywords that are used in a wiki? Is there a special page that shows them all? Thanks!

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    • Okay, the term "References" threw me off.

      If the templates like Template:Z at Imperial-Assault wiki were categorized or all set as the same type without different kinds of templates set to that type, you could probably find them easier, but there is no Special page to show things like a list of templates with small icons, unless they are set with template type like "Infoicon".

      However, since it appears most of the templates of the type you are looking for are of type "Image, video, or gallery", you can at least go to Special:Templates at Imperial-Assault wiki and look at the ones of that type. So, I guess that could be consider the Special page you're looking for.

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    • I was able to find them all searching by type, thanks a lot!

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