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    Does anyone admin a Wiki based on a franchise that has a deliberately open or contradictory ending with multiple possibilities of what happened at the ending, and where that ending potentially contradicts major parts of the plot? A Wiki I write for has suddenly been faced with this issue and we're not sure exactly how to handle it. I'm curious if anyone else has faced this issue.

    We're finding it extremely difficult to write any characters' History sections without having to repeatedly mention that "x unreliable narrator in the end chapter says the following is fake, however we're not sure if she's actually telling the truth based on x y z" over and over again in the same page (in fact, all 200 of our character pages). Essentially, without saying the name of the game to avoid spoiling anyone, in the final act of our latest game the antagonist "revealed" that the previous installments in the franchise were all fictional in-universe, and that the characters in the latest games' backstories were also implanted, however there is evidence for and against this being true, as well as other revelations by the antagonist, and the (real world) creator has deliberately left it vague as to whether it's true or not so we don't have any word of god to fall back on. Obviously every single part of our 7-year franchise suddenly being made "fictional" in-universe overnight complicates how you write every single page on the Wiki. Because of this revelation it's not even truly clear if this last game even exists in the same universe as the previous ones.

    Our current idea for this is a (locked, to avoid it getting out of hand) somewhat "theory" page which explains the main explanations for what happened in the story that explains what happened to these characters, with evidence for and against each theory, in the manner of a timeline divergence. It would be the only page of it's kind - we don't normally accept speculation - but it's extremely difficult to explain what's going on for these characters and the plot in general without having a page to point to which explains why we're not really sure what's up with the franchise's backstory anymore and the possible explanations for what happened. 

    If you can relate to this scenario, or any similar difficulty with vague writing, if any of you wouldn't mind sharing, we'd love to know: 1) How you overcame massively impactful contradictory plot points. 2) If you have any example pages of how your Wiki handled a related situation.

    Thank you for your time!

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    • A wiki has to decide for itself what is "canon". What sources do you consider trustworthy?

      You said the antagonist revealed this info, but since it is the antagonist, lying doesn't seem out of the obvious possible range of possibilities.

      As long time admin of a game wiki, in-game sources tend to be considered "canon" if there aren't any conflicting accounts. If there are conflicting accounts we would usually look at the trustworthiness of the source, with non in-game sources like creator/game dev interviews trumping in-game sources.

      You may be giving an in-game source too much credibility. We haven't had the same situation in WoWWiki, but at one point a major lore source (one of the Blizzard founders and source of most early Warcraft lore) de-canonized nearly all the RPG lore that wasn't corroborated.

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    • We don't have and will never have a reliable real-world source for this one unfortunately, the creator deliberately left it open for people to interpret (and has said has much), which is fine for the game itself but makes writing a Wiki difficult. So we really only have what's in the text to go from and there's arguments for and against most scenarios which is the difficulty we're coming up against. Thanks for your input!

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    • An idea I just have is you could put anything you know to be true in the top section and then under subheadings what would be true if each theory is correct. The other idea is if the reveal that put everything into doubt happens relatively late then write from the POV of just before that reveal in the interest of being spoiler-free as possible. Good luck with your wiki.  

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