• So I'm working on a template for one wiki ( and I'd like to make it as versatile as possible. For instance, we have some characters that only appear in the books, some only in the games, and some in both, and some may get an additional quotes page. I want to be able to hide the tabs if they don't apply to the character (assume this will be used only on pages that will use at least 2 of the tabs). I tried to use if expression like I did with an infobox, but the template didn't appear to like that. Is there something else I can do to be able to turn on/off certain tabs?

    Note: yes, I know they're not really tabs, but this is the only way I know how to set it up so those on desktop see the tabs while those on mobile would also see links to the subpages as actual tabs don't really work well with mobile.

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