• Hi, my wiki is Street Fighter Sprites

    I was wondering if it was possible using the tabber extension to set tab 2 as the default tab that loads by default instead of the first tab (like what tabview has the capability of doing)? I only want this to happen on certain pages, not every page that uses tabber.

    I've read this and this but have had no success so far.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    Edit: Using the code from the first link can't actually make tab 2 load by default when page first loads. If you click on tab 2 then refresh the page tab 2 will be the default, but loading the page initially will still be tab 1.

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    • u can use Tab_view

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    • Hey, thanks for the reply. I was actually trying to avoid using Tab view as I didn't want to have to create multiple pages, but I think I may have found a work around for what I'm trying to do anyway! Thank you.

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