• I am looking to make a table that uses information from infoboxes. I read some old forum posts about it and tried to replicate this: template. When you change the style from this page to "crop/harvestablerow" and you preview that you get the desired output for in the table. When I try something like that it just outputs the raw text. How does someone make the output depend on a variable?

    But maybe someone knows an easier way to put information from multiple infoboxes into an overview table?

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Hiya, I'd like to help but I'm not exactly sure what you want...

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    • Could you link to where you are trying it? Also, you can do it this way or you can use DPL.

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    • Okay, to clearify: I have pages of fruit with an infobox: Apple, Banana and Lemon. On the page 'Fruit' I want to make a table with on each row a fruit and their attributes. I do not want to type the data in this table again, but I want the table to get the information from the infobox on the pages, Apple, Banana and Lemon. 

      Got it kind of working now, I need to tweak something since it does not pass through all information.

      This is the site I try to do it on. A 'fruit' would be the page LekkerDjensen .

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    • I got another question, which has some relevance to my initial question. I have got this code:


      I have this code: EmoticonRij. The first column "naam" currently outputs nothing, (since the field in the infobox is empty), but I want it to output "lekkerDjensen" or "lekkerMiertje". I could put {{PAGENAME}} in the "naam" field in the infobox on the page LekkerDjensen, but that would not work since the table is on another page. So is there a way store the output of "naam"?

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    • The only way to do it is to write the name itself. Typically, when wikis use this structure for managing data, the main page (LekkerDjensen) acts as data storage. So, rather than leaving all the parameters empty, you should fill them in. That way, those values will be passed on to whichever template you ask for.

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    •  information from multiple infoboxes into an overview table

      DPL can do "clean" infobox data retrieval out of the box (avoiding subtemplating for data). See Miststream's go at this on w:c:paladins here.

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    • Yes, but based on how far the OP already went, I just assumed they were more interested in the template solution.

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    • Thanks for your input. I will do some research into DPL, but for now I will use the template solution. And I will write the name into infobox.

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