• Hello. I've been contributing to a Wikia for a Japanese Mobile Game recently released. Now it has come to my attention that Assets uploaded to the Wikia are actually being taken and uploaded by a group to their Facebook page. (I found that out due to a rather horrible little Edit i made on an uploaded picture being present on the one they uploaded.)

    Now my question is: How far exactly does the content you can 'Copyright' go? Can you claim Copyright for a picture from a Game you took and uploaded even if theres almost no editing done to it? and are you allowed to upload pictures with a faint Watermark to identify wether or not the picture was taken by others to reupload it somewhere else without providing a source?

    It's a rather difficult question to me since technically we own no rights to the content shown on the picture, but we did sometimes spend time achieving something in the Game to get that picture unlocked.

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