• I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with creating an infobox with a different layout to the default ones?

    Meaning one like this, but without nessicarily having to change colour from page to page or have all the rounded edges. Just one where infomation can be entered in more staggered slots like this rather in just lines like a normal infobox for the sake of not having it cripplingly long.

    It's for my friends Fanon pokemon wikia, if I was given a basic enough source code I could edit it to fit exact needs easy enough, I just sorta need a starting point if that's at all possible ahah. 

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    • You could read Help:Infoboxes for general help about portable infoboxes, Help:Infoboxes/Tags for what tags can you use in portable infoboxes (and general insight in what portable infoboxes can do) and Help:Infoboxes/CSS and w:c:p:CSS for how you can style these infoboxes. If that sounds like a too complicated task for you you could specify how do you want your infobox to look like and somebody from the forum may be able to help you with building an infobox like that.

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    • Ahh, ok, i'll try fiddle with it later. ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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