• I need a suggestion for what community management rules and policies I should start at Any suggestions, feedback, ideas and such are very welcome at this point. I honestly wanted to start it for those writers who do X-Overs in the Harry Potter fanon. Like a DnD-HP crossover I have been reading. Also, some help with figuring out how to build templates is a welcome.

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    • TyA

      Hello! I strongly suggest you don't try to work too hard on writing rules too early into the game. Once the community starts to come together and grow, that is a good time to see what needs to be written down and be policy.

      Templates are simply a way to reduce duplication by using the same bit of code over and over. Check out Help:Templates for a general overview of them. Once you check it over and come up with an idea for a specific example, try asking here in the Technical help forum and people would be able to help you figure it out.

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    • Okay, I am also in need of figuring out how to advertise the site to those with the interest and knowledge to create more basic pages and to help bounce ideas to each other. Also, I just created the start to the navigation to make things easier but I can't find the save button. I've got it open and mostly finished but I still got a lot of pages to add. If possible can you help me think of simple invites to send contributors at other wikia for Harry Potter? I know I started the Wikia alone but as of the current day Harry Potter Fanon is a huge thing, and almost as big is the Harry Potter X-Over fanon. I just don't know what everyone else would want up first. Also, having a poll to figure that out would be nice but I can't find the link to create polls. Thank you for any help you provide.

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    • So your wiki is for fanon crossovers to and from Harry Potter universe?

      For polls, see Help:Poll. I recommend making the poll as a template and then including the template in the page where you want it to show up, if you use the <poll> tag method.

      As far as an invite goes, you should just say something like "For those interested in Harry Potter fanon involving crossovers, please visit Harry Potter X-Over Wiki!" You could also ask people on the Harry Potter fanon wiki what a good invite message should be. Make sure to ask permission of the Harry Potter fanon wiki's admins before doing your invites.

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