• Dear BertH (and the rest of Fandom staff), 

    I personally do not see the purpose of Discussions taking the place of Forums. Much of the things you want to do with Discussions (like reporting posts) could just be added to Forums. Much of the things that Forums does (quotes, the like), Discussion can't. 

    Let's go a step forwards. On the Town of Salem wiki, I am a Discussion Moderator. This makes me able to highlight threads. I can't do that with Discussions, ironically enough. Things that I am able to do in Discussions (closing threads, editing) I am also able to do in Forums. 

    And I'm not even entirely convinced that you, as Fandom staff, are entirely for this change. You're all for pushing it, but it doesn't even exist on Community Central! 

    I understand that my position, as a single and powerless voice, isn't going to be enough to stop a change that is being implemented across many communities. But if I were to suggest anything, I would have Fandom give us wikis the choice between what methods of communication we used. 

    Thank you for your time, 


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