• Hello everyone,

    This is a continuity of this thread, I created this post for I consider it a new topic.

    There’re some tooltips on the site I’m currently working on having images on their pop-up boxes, the problem is, though they show up correctly on both their template pages and edit previews, they don’t appear on articles when hovering over, and will only appear after the scrolling with the hover-over box open. Example page, when hovering over the icons, no images show up, could someone provide a workaround to rid this issue?

    Many thanks!

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    • I like your new topic but what does this mean though

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    • Theyre trying to ask for a fix for an issue theyre having about previews not appearing on their wiki.

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    • Maybe I can help that

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    • it's lazy loading. i suggest to report it as a bug via special:contact/bug.

      u can try to avoid it via css-animation or some js. still bug.

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    • i'll try fngplg

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    • I have already sent the report and exchanged replies with fandom staff days ago, however based on what they say, there's only a faint hope they’ll take the change (mainly due to their concerns about extra load to servers - they said they only load the first image per page so that's more an intentional decision than an actual bug...), or make an exception for a relatively small wiki like BGwiki; but from what I see, some large wikis are also experiencing the same issue (see the top right corner), making the image based tooltips almost unreadable.

      Since I’ve already been using .css tooltip, could you tell me how to do the .css animation you mentioned? If it doesn’t work out, maybe I should try the .js solution after all.

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    • it's a bug. lazyloading supposed to load images when needed. it doesn't.

      css animation will be hard (high cpu consumption) on page loading. if u want to try it, then remove display:none from .tt1 .tt2 and add

      animation: hide 3600s linear infinite;

      then add to .tt1:hover .tt2

      animation: none;

      also, add

      @keyframes hide {
          0% {visibility: hidden;}
          100% {visibility: hidden;}

      it supposed to be like this. it will show all content initially (to make lazy loading working), then animation will hide content.

      and, yes, for fallout wiki it should work too.

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    • @Fngplg,

      Impressive Fngplg, your codes work flawlessly.

      I'll monitor CPU for a while, but I think even if it hits the performances to some level, it worths the cost.

      Thanks again for your expertise!

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    • Unless I am looking at the wrong tooltips, it seems to be fixed now.

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    • Hello Andrewds1021,

      That's because I've used the above code to workaround it, the bug is there and preventing images to show up in the fallout wiki link.

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    • I see.

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    • Sorry for the re-up @Fngplg,

      but this workaround is showing the pop-up box all the time for mobile users when they request desktop version, clicking the tooltips won't make the boxes go way, they just stay there, blocking the part of page they are in, are there any solutions for this?

      Thank you.

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    • I just went on the Neera page you linked at the top using mobile version, requested desktop, it seems to be working fine. The tooltips only show if I highlight them, and disappear if I click elsewhere.

      Or am I misunderstanding what your problem is?

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    • @RoIento,

      I was using an outdated chrome version, when I switch to firefox, it works fine, guess I should update the browser afterall, thanks.

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    • Glad everything is working! I'm using latest version of Chrome for Android and the tooltips work perfectly. I think Firefox is much better for Wikia hen using a desktop PC though.

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    • I see. i understand dude.

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    • A FANDOM user
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