• Please excuse me for using an interpreter, I'm from a Russian-speaking region and I do not speak English well. My account in Warfreme was blocked for no apparent reason until 2035. Writing in support of me answered that I allegedly used third-party programs to crack the game and refused further assistance. The most interesting thing is that on my computer except discord and ccleaner¬†nothing is installed and it turns out that with the help of these programs I tried to hack games? As far as I know, the latest cheats for the game were in 2013 and 2015, and now 2018 and I do not have a time machine.¬† I am sure that the support in the Russian-speaking region does not attempt to figure out anything, did not look at the log.files that I am willing to provide them with, but are engaged in arbitrariness. Perhaps someone faced such a problem, what to do?

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