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    I am writing this forum post because the wiki I am a moderator on a wiki that is experiencing difficulties with the recently implemented "Discussions" feature. The Gumball Wiki was originally approached back in January about switching over to discussions (the original conversation can be seen here). The moderation team discussed the possibility within the wiki's Discord server, and it came to a conclusion that the wiki was ready for proper integration. However, upon having experienced "Discussions," much of the wiki's community came to a general consensus that it was far too limited for what we do with community discussions.

    "Discussions" do not allow users to utilize templates nor upload multiple images in one post, which makes much of the wiki's events difficult to achieve. The moderation team came to the conclusion that the wiki would most benefit if the implementation of "Discussions" was reversed in favor of bringing back "Forums." However, the moderation team is currently debating as to whether or not this is even a possibility.

    Is it possible for Gumball Wiki to undergo another switch that revives forum posts, and if so, how can the wiki go about? Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

    Best regards,

    A Gumball Wiki Moderator

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    • Hello, once Discussions are enabled on a wiki, it's not possible to switch back to Forums. You (and your community) can give feedback about what you dislike about Discussions using Special:Contact/feedback.

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    • ^

      Oh, and Discussions is still in beta, so it probably isn't in its best form to satisfy ourselves, but eventually, you can expect improvements to it.

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    • Discussions will eventually replace Forums on all wikis. You may also question "If that is the case, why doesn't Community Central do it themselves?" Well, the reason is that Community Central is used to get help about your wiki's problems. The Forums are more heavy-duty than the Discussions because it can support things like code syntax highlighting. But the Discussions may eventually become heavy-duty enough to where it can be implemented here. Like TheKorraFanatic said, you can always give feedback at Special:Contact/feedback.

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    • Indeed, despite continuous improvements, there are still many complaints about Discussions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to revert the change.

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