• Hi, I have a specific idea in mind but I don't know if it's possible (or simple to achieve, as I'm not an expert in JS).

    I would like to create a template that could display a tooltip with data from another template (this one ). My template would have 3 parameters: Image, Link and Rarity. A click on both the image or the link would lead to the article, and the color of the link would depend on the rarity tag. When hovering over the image or the link, a tooltip will be displayed, with the infobox from the article.

    I already took a look at the Tooltips script but I find the documentation confusing and there is no concrete exemple. Futhermore, on the wiki "Age of Wonders "  where they use the script, it seems like the tooltip take data directly from a preformated template (set number of parameters), wich is not what I want.

    Do you think it's possible ? Do you have any exemples/wikis that can help me understand how to do it?

    Thanks for your time.

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