• I've done a new template recently.

    Each rune warrior in SpellForce will have 7 attributes.

    So i tried to make one row without any DATA SOURCE but only with DATA and LABEL. In the next row i attempted to do the DATA SOURCE="  " with the real data.

    The plan was that i only needed to type the numbers and the title above each attribute would show up always. However i tried it in this article.

    Can someone help me here?

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    • I have fixed the issue. Since you were putting the labels in their own group, none of them were assigned a value so they didn't display. When you use "show="incomplete"", the only thing necessary to show all labels is a single value for any of them. You may want to consider breaking them into two rows as the titles appear to be wrapping to the next line.

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    • I got your changes it was very helpful. Thanks to this.

      But it wouldn't be me if i havent had another issue with infoboxes.

      I wanted to add a small symbol instead of plain text.

      Instead of "BLADE" for blade damage type i wanted to add an image called File:SFIcon_Blade.png instead. So i used the <image> tag with  <image source="SFIcon Blade.png"></image> but it won't show in the completed infobox sadly.


      Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

      Also... while I am at it. If i wanted to do an hover text called "Blade Damage" when hovering the mouse over the blade icon. How would i include this in the infobox? Simple by adding
      hover me
      or by <a title="title></a> or something entirely else?
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    • Like the "source" of data tags, it refers to a template parameter, not a literal file name. Try something like:

        <data source="hello">
          <label>[[File:Diversity blog 2.png|22px|hello]]</label>

      Which gives:

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    • Thanks alot. It looks so much better now!

      I got a minor additional question: If I want to center the image and the text in each column, how would I do this best?

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    • You would need to use site CSS with the selectors associated with portable infoboxes. In the example you provided, the labels are already centered. If you come across or already have an example where that is not the case, please link to it. As for centering the data, the CSS you should add is:

      .pi-europa .pi-data-value {
          text-align: center;
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