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  • Hello,

    Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you think my Wiki looks good, and I was wondering if there are any improvements you think I can make to it. My Wiki doesn't fit the criteria for the Community Development Scheme to I was just looking for a general answer if that is okay.

    Again, really sorry to bother you and if you are unable to give me assistance, please can you direct me somewhere where I can get assistance please.

    Thank You.

    My Wiki:

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    • Hi Spongebob. The wiki looks fine for the most part. On the home page, I would suggest removing the line at the top that says "This Wiki currently has 29 articles." It's not needed, as every page displays the number of pages the wiki has. I would also recommend replacing the word "upload" with "create" in these two sentences: "Please upload pages which show us your favourite..." and "Upload your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! card here:"

      Another thing you might want to do it to reword this sentence - "If you are bored and feel like you have nothing to do, please consult this list." - to something that sounds better, such as "Help us out! Check out this page for a list of things to do to improve the wiki."

      Lastly, if you'd like a custom logo or background, you could make a request at Logo Creation Wiki where there is no criteria to meet. It's just volunteers from the overall Wikia community that help people.

      Good luck with the wiki!

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    • Thanks Joe!!

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