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  • Hi! Can you check this article please:

    I would to do something similar with the images on my wiki, like an animation, like the images with the wolf, but I don't want them to be integrated in a template. Is there any way I could do it?

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    • What they've basically done is created a miniature slideshow using Template:Animate and some JavaScript coding in MediaWiki:Common.js. Every time you see the wolf change, it's actually a different image — what it's doing is tabbing between different images to make it look like an animation. Yes, it would be possible to do something like that on your wiki.

      On a case by case basis, if you have the art skills and appropriate image editing software, you could just create animated GIF images and that would achieve the same thing without needing all the coding for the custom slideshow and all those individual images.

      Or, if you do want a slideshow feature like that where you can just stick images in there and have it automatically tab through them to make it look like an animation, I could probably create the coding part of that and set it up for you if you wanted.

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    • I added the animate template but is not working. That means we need the Common.js coding to make it work. I'm not good at coding, and I am also not allowed to edit the Common.js, so could you do it for me, please? Here is the link:

      Thanks! :)

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    • I cannot edit GTA's wiki's MediaWiki: pages as I am not an administrator there. I could test the code and make sure it's working and then provide it to you — but you will need to be an admin on the wiki you want to use it on (or obtain permission from an admin) first.

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    • I'm a rollback user, I asked the admins before for such projects and they always agreed. You can start testing the code.

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    • So, I didn't realize/check this earlier, but is licensed CC BY-NC-SA — you can see this if you go to any page on their site and scroll down to the footer where it says "Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0."

      The NC clause is non-commercial, meaning that their content cannot be used for commercial purposes. Since Wikia is CC-BY-SA (we lack the NC clause, as Wikia is a for-profit company), that means that we should not be reusing their content, since the licenses are not compatible.

      Preamble aside, I've recreated the basic functionality that I think is what you want. Feel free to take a look at w:c:dev:TimedSlider. There are demos, examples and installation instructions all there. Let me know if you have any other questions or requests.

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    • Thanks for creating the page. I'll ask an admin to add it to the MediaWiki. ;) See you soon!

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    • Hi again. It seems that it doesn't work. :( Can you check our wiki?

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    • The only error I can notice right now is in MediaWiki:Wikia.css near the bottom, you'll need to delete a couple extra */ and /* that are causing a parse error in the coding.

      */ <-- Need to delete this
      /********** START Timed Slider Styles **********/
      /**** ****/
      /* hide all slides */
      .ts-container .ts-slide {
      	display: none;
      /* show slide that has class="ts-active" */
      .ts-container .ts-active {
      	display: block;
      /* support inline slides as well */
      .ts-container.ts-container-inline .ts-active {
          display: inline;
      /********** END Timed Slider Styles **********/
      /* <-- Need to delete this

      Also, can you please give me a link to an example page where you're using the slider on? Thanks,

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    • I wanted to use some Decrease/Increase images to reflect real stock value changings on NASDAQ (called BAWSAQ in GTA):

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    • Done! Now the slider works. But I don't know why the BAWSAQ template is not showing up in Wikitables...

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    • Is not showing up in templates either...

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    • I made an edit here, is it working for you now?

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    • Is working. Thanks for all your help ;) See you soon!

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    • A Fandom user
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