• Hi, do you have some tips to share on how to successful engage users on social networks? I'm promoting my wiki on social networks and it has a discrete number of followers (for example on Facebook). Sadly, however, it's hard to engage users especially to bring them on the wiki and hopefully converting them into editors. Partially it's because I don't like to post very fandom-ish things since there are a LOT of quite well started fandoms about my topic, so I think it's stupid to challenge them with the same stuff as they do. I like posting curiosities, quotes, facts, news about the wiki and such, basically keep the "encyclopaedic feeling". But what else can I do?

    Are you promoting your wiki on social networks? What kind of activities you are doing there? Thanks.

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    • I've also tried promoting my wiki through social media, and even managed to get almost 100 Twitter followers, however I highly doubt the vast majority of people following the Twitter account or Facebook account have even visited the site, let alone edited a page. I also would really like to hear some more people's suggestions on how to get people to actually engage. I once tried starting an editing competition to see how many categories people could add to pages in a week where people had to @reply their username to enter. Zero usernames were tweeted, so that went down a failure. Anyone had some successful ideas?

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