• Hi. I'm sorry for importing the current versions of the TV Tropes pages that made you block me. But I'm not plagiarizing them or anything, I'm just trying to take them with me since I'm not able to edit them on TV Tropes anymore. I'll try and import the June 2012 versions once you unblock me. But didn't you realize that Fast Eddie caught you archiving the June 2012 versions and accused you of stealing?

    Also, I can't just survive a month without editing pages on the Tropes Mirror Wiki. (Seriously, how can I? It's impossible.) I just came after the mods on TV Tropes don't care about me anymore and refused to let me back forever, and expanding TV Tropes with more stuff out of boredom is why I joined it in the first place. You heard Ryanasaurus0077.

    So, can you please unblock me now? I promise I won't import the current versions again.

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    • Nate, I'm sorry, but I cannot unblock you for two reasons.

      1. No offense, but you were warned not to copy any content from after June 2012, but you did so anyway. Also, Fast Eddie's accusations of stealing are incorrect from a legal standpoint, anything from June 2012 or earlier is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0, which even Fast Eddie acknowledged (albeit grudgingly) is legal for us to use, though he obviously is not happy with that.

      Regardless, you copied content neither you, I, or Wikia is allowed to rehost without the license now used by TV Tropes and posted on the TMW, and in the interest of not getting a DMCA notice, I have removed the content and replaced it with content we can host and modify legally.

      2. No offense Nate, but I am well aware of how you have "trolled" TV Tropes and have asked people (myself included) to help you evade being banned from TV Tropes, which would make any party who helped you a violator of their policies as well.

      Given that, and the fact I have no reason to believe you will not further antagonize TV Tropes if given the chance or do something at odds with the TMW and/or Wikia's rules anytime soon, I have no intention of removing the block I have set for a month. If you wait out this block without causing any further disturbance, I will be happy to welcome you back to editing on the TMW.

      Otherwise, my answer remains unchanged.

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    • Ugh. I just said I was never plagiarizing. I know TV Tropes has removed their CC license in June 2012, but it's totally unfair on their right. I was just promising I won't copy and paste the current revisions next time.

      And as I keep saying, I'm not a troll. I'm not the one causing pain towards TV Tropes. I'm just really angry at the (new) admins for turning the wiki into another Wikipedia by corrupting it with namespaces, the "zero context example" policy, and the unfair destroying of serveral tropes, for telling me to wait until July 2nd last year to be unsuspended, and for telling me to leave the site alone and go elsewhere afterward when I tried to apologize, despite the fact I'm trying to expand the wiki, as I said before. They (the mods) think that getting away with their new horrible policies is good, but no. This whole "Nate is a troll" thing is a complete lie on the admins' and Encyclopedia Dramatica's behalves. I'm in a really foul mood because I'm absolutely NOTHING without an account for editing use now after it was permabanned. Here's the very message I received from one of the admins (Best Of) in August last year that burned me so much I started bashing them for it:

      "Nate, you didn't convince us at all with your appeal last time. And then you made an account to ban evade, which is just about the worst thing you could do if you ever wanted your ban lifted.

      Naturally, none of your bans will be lifted, your newest account will be banned, and I hope you get the message that you're not welcome here. You've blown all your chances. Go somewhere else and leave us alone."

      There's nowhere else I can go to on the internet. I'm just utterly BORED prior to joining TV Tropes, all because of negative comments on movie news articles I was reading, my overreaction on deviantART towards llama badges (which made one of my watchers tell me that I'll lose respect from them), and my YouTube account getting hacked by some stupid geek, so there's nothing else on the internet I can find to do.

      Besides, I'm sorry for disobeying you. I don't need to wait all month with my editing priveliges blocked because you thought I violated your CC policy on purpose and that I was "trolling" TV Tropes. It's boring. No fun at all. I'm just innocent here.

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    • And with those words, Nate, you just blew your chances with me.

      I compared the page you posted, and it was practically a line by line conversion of the page currently on TV Tropes. Compared to the June 2012 version (which I was able to view on, it was a fairly obvious copy-paste plagiarism job.

      Frankly, I don't know what to say to you anymore. I am well aware of your attempts to ban evade and vandalize pages on TV Tropes, and while I too have a lot of reasons not to like TV Tropes, I have gone out of my way not to anger their administration, which is why I quietly honored Fast Eddie's request to never attempt to trope there again after he told me to leave.

      To be crass, Nate, you apparently never got the hint. By going back to a website where you are not welcome and causing those admins to have to repeatedly throw you out, yes, you did cause them a problem.

      I decided to cut you as much slack as possible because I'm a merciful guy, and the fact you want to blame them for your ban evasion and trolling is ridiculous. I still visit TV Tropes on occasion, and I still have seen your name crop up on Ask The Tropers for trolling (and the evidence is pretty clear it's you). Also, I did check ED, and honestly, while I know they are prone to lying, I was able to confirm most if not all of what was said on the page, and honestly, the fact you went as far as to attempt hiring a hacker to cause physical harm to another website (tampering with their data without their consent is harm, Nate) really doesn't sit well with me, as that is a criminal offense, and while I might be willing to set up an alternative troping website for those who don't want to trope on TV Tropes (with material legal to use as a base), my frustration with them does not extend to being willing to cause their website or the servers that run them actual harm.

      In short, TV Tropes seems to have had every right to permaban you, and based on your response to my polite request to just quietly wait out your block, it would be a mistake to let you back on my wiki as well.

      Go ahead and start your own wiki if you wish to cure your boredom, because I am not comfortable with someone who is willing to ban evade, troll, and is willing to solicit criminal acts editing on mine, and you are now permabanned from editing on the Tropers Mirror Wiki as well.

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    • Listen, I SAID I was sorry and that I won't plagiarize again. And I'm not a vandal (I'm trying to REVERT them because they've been butchered by those admins), I'm not threatening to take the whole site down (I'm trying to change it back to the way it used to be by hiring the hacker to disable the admin and namespacer accounts and get rid of the new policies), and like I said a million times, I'm not a damn troll, I'm in a very bad mood because the mods don't like me anymore even though they get away with taking the fun out of the site by destroying it with spam. Seriously, please stop lying about me as well and believe me.

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    • So, just to be clear we take licensing issues very seriously. While the TV Tropes situation may be somewhat unique, reusing content in a way that breaks the terms of the license is not something that Wikia will tolerate as it is a serious violation of our Terms of Use and licensing policy. It doesn't seem to be a problem here  yet, but if there are issues with licensing that develop we would be forced to close the wiki and block the offending accounts, so please tread carefully.

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    • I'm sorry for trying to import pages I wanted on the Tropes Mirror Wiki. I'm not trying to plagiarize, I just need to keep editing them. I'm not a troll and a vandal, I'm just miserable and hopeless because TV Tropes mods permabanned my account for blaming them, and they told me to get lost and never come back forever (while I'm trying to expand the wiki), which upsets me so much I threw a lot of angry outbursts at them for it and fought with them. And I'm not planning to shut down or destroy TV Tropes with the hacker I dealt with, I'm trying to change it back by hiring him to delete the admin and namespace bot accounts and revert the policies to the way they were before late 2011. (Fortunately for you, the hacking plans are currently aborted.)

      So, I'm sorry I offended you. Can you please lift my TMW account's ban so I should edit again?

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    • Nate: You've already asked this once on Geth's wall, please wait for a reply now

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    • Nate, before I even consider doing that, I want you to acknowledge a few things:

      • TV Tropes is NOT Wikipedia. I've seen your rants to that effect, but they are not. Their namespace scheme is because they use a wiki engine called PmWiki (customized for use as trope wiki), and they have to separate pages into those namespaces due to how their version of PmWiki organizes page information.
      • While TV Tropes is very ban happy, ban evading by using another account is what got you thrown out of TV Tropes, and in their defense, I probably would have done the same thing as them, especially since you did a poor job of hiding your ban evasion.
      • Vandalism (on wikis at least) is wrong. It's not necessarily criminal, since it causes no permanent damage to software designed to be altered by anyone, but it's still ethically and morally wrong. Plagiarism is also wrong and is against the Terms of Service for Wikia and any other troping site.
      • Hiring a hacker to damage another website is a criminal offense, because you are trying to destroy intellectual property on a server you do not own or have legitimate access to, and you have no legal justification for attempting to usurp the authority of Fast Eddie or anyone else on TV Tropes.
      • If I do lift your ban, I will do so under the following conditions:
        • You will not attempt to bring drama from other websites to either the Tropes Mirror Wiki, or it's non Wikia cousin All The Tropes, which includes any attempt to make public plans/recruitment for trolling, hacking, vandalism or harassment of other websites.
        • You will obey the rules of Wikia or Orain (should you choose to check out All The Tropes), as well as whatever rules apply to the troping sites on either.
        • You will only copy information from legal sources. Wikia and All The Tropes share the CC BY SA 3.0 license, so they can exchange information freely. Also, as much as you may not like Wikipedia, this means information could be imported or shared from there as well, and in all cases this will be done with proper attribution (state the URL you imported your info from in your edit reasons or something similar). In the case of a troping wiki, the front page of the Tropes Mirror Wiki states what is legal to import and where you can get it, and I expect you to adhere by that.
        • You will acknowledge the rules of the website you are on and accept them. There are rules to almost every organization on Earth, and websites you can contribute content to are no different, and you will be expected to abide by them.

      If you can agree to all the above, I will rescind your block.

      Also, I mentioned All The Tropes above, which you may wish to check out if you can agree to abide by the rules (it's fairly laid back, as is our policy), but we still have some rules you will have to abide by no matter what troping website you go to, so bear that in mind.

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    • All right, all right...since it appears that TV Tropes has stopped accepting new account requests from the email and IP addresses I was using more recently, I think I'll try and apologize one more time. I can agree with all of the above; I won't scream Troper's Law again, I won't ban evade on TVT again, I won't mess with pages and start edit wars on them anymore, I won't hire a hacker again, I'm not going to go angry on the TMW nor All The Tropes, I must obey the rules, I won't copy any post-June 2012 sources from TV Tropes next time, and I'll acknowledge the TMW's rules.

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    • Nate Spidgewood
      Nate Spidgewood removed this reply because:
      Duplicate reply.
      07:10, March 4, 2014
      This reply has been removed
    • Before I unblock you, I believe it's only fair to warn you that we do (at both Tropes Mirror Wiki and All The Tropes) use a lot of Wikipedia templates, use pictures from Wikimedia Commons when and where appropriate, and will link to them if need be, and we have recent started standardizing our page names to theirs for most work pages, and if you wish to contribute, I hope you realize we are doing this because it make our wiki organization easier since we use MediaWiki as well. We don't have the same notability requirements, but we do have a similar namespacing scheme due to the difference between MediaWiki and PmWiki.

      If that's not a problem, I will unblock you.

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    • Okay. Thanks.

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    • Glad to see you can understand the rules. As long you continue to do so, we won't have any problems.

      You are now unblocked, hope you have fun editing.

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