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Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.22

  • Does anyone know when Wikia is planning on upgrading to MediaWiki 1.22 from the current release of MediaWiki 1.19.9? I have been getting errors periodically using AutWikiBrowser and it has been suggested that these errors are due to the mediawiki version. I am also going to send a message to the Staff but I thought I would post it here first.

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    • Upgrading the MediaWiki installation is a major process that can take months to prepare for and months to implement. It's unlikely that they would upgrade to 1.22 only a year after upgrading to 1.19, especially because 1.19 will be supported until 2015.

      That being said, there should not be errors in the program because 1.19 is still officially supported. If you post the error messages here, I could try to help (I find that one common error has to do with talk pages, that can be solved by visiting the talk page under the bot account, not your personal account)

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    • That's kinda what I thought too. 1.22 has only been out for a month and their already fixing some problems with it. Here is basically the error I get but the next time I get it I'll screen print it if you need me too.
      nThread: InvokerThread (Save)

      Message:This page is not opened properly for editing
      Call stack:
         at WikiFunctions.API.ApiEdit.Save(String pageText, String summary, Boolean minor, WatchOptions watch)

      WikiFunctions.API.ApiException: This page is not opened properly for editing

        at WikiFunctions.API.ApiEdit.Save(String pageText, String summary, Boolean minor, WatchOptions watch)

      Also, here is a link to the discussion at Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Wikipedia talk:AutoWikiBrowser/Bugs#This page is not opened properly for editing

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    • From looking at the source, it looks like it shouldn't be related to the MediaWiki version of Wikia. It looks like it occurs when you try to save but you're not in edit mode, which is an error that shouldn't possibly occur. Are you editing a page that you don't have permission to edit, or editing something that can't be edited (like a Message Wall page)? And does it occur on just the one wiki or all wikis?

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    • For any developers reading this, the error seems to occur on line 753 of WikiFunctions/API/ApiEdit.cs, when Action!="edit", which would seem to suggest that the page is not in edit mode when it's being saved. If I knew how to build from source, I could suggest some debug code (I've never used C# before, so it could be a trial-and-error)

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    • Good questions, I can't seem to find any particular pattern to it occurring. First, I'm an admin on military so I have access to everything that's not globally locked (due to the article being imported, which is a problem in itself) on that Wiki. I have gotten it on on a couple of template pages and a handfull of articles. Generally if I just restart the app it will edit fine. Its not really stopping me from editing the article, its just an annoyance that occurs sporadically. I haven't tried it on other wiki's so I'm not sure if its occurring Wikia wide.

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    • Could you try running your bot a bit on the Community Test wiki or some other wiki? If the error shows, we will know it's wikia-wide.

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    • No problem, I'll have to look and see if I have access and see what I can do to test it. I'll take a look at that tonight. I also got a notice from one of the devs that Wikia isn't going to be upgrading to 1.22 anytime soon.

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