• Not really, but that's partially the problem.

    As you're aware, our user base at Uncyc is special. Not in an eating crayons way, but in the way that our user profiles at Uncyc are not directly linked to our normal Wikia profiles.

    This has caused a fairly significant problem. Earlier versions of MW defaulted to having a "real name" attribute in the user preferences, which didn't go anywhere. This has since been removed from preferences across Wikia, and with the majority of Wikia now on Wikia/Oasis skin adjusting your real name is done from your user page.

    This has caused us an issue where a significant number of users may have added their name in there in the past - given it was not publicly displayed - and now that it is publicly displayed in Wikia an mobile skins, users may want to remove it (assuming they are aware of it.

    This can't be done through preferences, and if a user opts to go to Wikia skin, and manages to work out how to adjust their name from there, due to our "special" database that request goes nowhere, and the form won't submit.

    We can - of course - go onto another Wikia sub-domain and change the name there, but that makes no impact on the user profile at Uncyc. (Hence I'm John Smith here, and nameless there.)

    I sent this through via Special:Contact, but as I was only aware of this happening on mobile skin at the time it has gone to Mira, who has forwarded this to the Mobile development team. Last time I had an error report that went to Mira and then the development team it took over three months to rectify. Given that the issue is not related to the mobile skin, I have even less faith that this will be resolved in a timely fashion.

    Given there is a legitimate and significant privacy concern, are we able to do the following:

    1. Add the "real name" field back into the preferences from the LocalSettings.php file (so it can be adjusted from Monobook/Uncyclopedia skin - see Manual:$wgHiddenPrefs)
    2. Ensure that once this is done changes made from there will adjust the database.

    And I don't know enough about jewellery to ask about that. I did visit Tiffany's once though. They don't engrave crackerjack rings, therefore I call Audrey Hepburn a liar.

    Thanks, PuppyOnTheRadio (talk)

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    • Hi Puppy,  I'll see what I can find out, and either point someone here or to the Special:Contact mail

      Although if you call Audrey Hepurn a liar, I shall have to ask you do come outside sir!

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    • hey again, can you give me an example of a user this affects?  Thanks

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    • Yep. Try User:Colin "All your base" Heaney, or User:Whywhywhy as users with names displayed. Use me as an example of someone who has a difference with Wikia profile to Uncyc profile.

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    • Okay, that helps, I can see it now.  I'll file a bug ticket... but it's not going to be any quicker than if Mira filed it.  I'll let you know if I hear more engineeringy kinda thoughts about the issue though

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    • BTW, I forgot to say, if anyone is imediately worried about this, they can contact us and we can clear the field manually

      Sorry for the slow thought, I'm trying to improve my memory by being an elephant.  Now I only move fast when I'm murderously charging at someone.  Or if I have the opportunity to charge my credit card of course

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    • Cool. It's mainly Zana Dark who is individually affected and aware, so I'll let her know.

      Puppies tend to get excited and bounce around for a while, and then rest most of the time to build up the energy for the next time. But that's enough about my love life.

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    • A FANDOM user
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