• Ollie I'm gonna need your help, I wanna learn how to adopt (I've never done it before). Can take to me step my step?

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    • It's all explained here: Adoption:Requests

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    • I'm not Ollie, but I still wanna help anyways. To adopt a wiki, go to Adoption:Requests. Review the adoption guidelines - in short, are you an active member of the wiki? Are you trimming the hedges, making lunch for other users, and keeping the wiki tidy and clean? (I was joking on the first two) If you are actively editing the wiki, then you may place an adoption request. Just enter the wiki's name in the little text box, click "Add New Request", and fill in the rest. A Wikia Staff member will look and review your request, and they may ask you questions or give you a response. Keep an eye on your request page so you can respond to those issues. If they approve of your request, they'll give you administrator (and maybe bureaucrat) privileges on the wiki. Good luck!

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    • So I can't adopt if I'm blocked is that it?

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    • So in other words You mean actively editing as in not blocked right?

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    • Being blocked means you cannot adopt a wiki, yes, but actively editing means you do have to be actually editing the wiki. Just browsing isn't enough. Fix typos, clean up vandalism, clear out the redlinks by making new pages.

      EDIT: I see you're blocked on Pokemon Wiki. You'll have to wait for that block to expire before putting in any adoption requests.

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    • What they said. If you're blocked, you can't adopt. There are some exceptions to this, but this block isn't one of them.

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    • Wow, Kyurem147, no you cannot adopt the Pokémon wiki. >.> that's saddening, especially after how I've been told that you've been acting. Your block is being lengthened to a month, as the behavior that you have exhibited is highly unfair to everyone else on the wiki.

      • You cannot claim pages as your own. Marking them for deletion so that you can make them yourself, is not acceptable.
      • You cannot revert users because you feel that your edit is better than theirs. (Good faith edits, that's bad faith reverting.)
      • Blanking pages that have GOOD content on them, is a BIG no-no. That is called vandalism, and is not acceptable on any level.
      • Wikia is a source of information shared by everyone, you don't own it, I don't own it, Energy X doesn't own it, no-one else owns it.
        • That being said, your actions have not only dishonored and shamed yourself, but the entire community, as you hurt the source of information and its contributors that take time to make it better.

      Please consider your block a time of probation, it will not be repealed under any circumstances, as the consequence of one's actions are to be endured to bring out character.

      Tupka: Sorry for the extra message. {{SUBST:User:Slayingthehalcyon/sig3|23:22,7/9/2014}}

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