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    I'm trying to improve wiki template. and I have little (maybe not little) question about layout! :)

    First, I want to set min-width through that red line (image 1). I couldn't find way to set min-width between top of article and top of template. If it's impossible I just want to equate bottom location between left template and right template.

    Width Miri-Nae

    Image 2, It works wrong

    Second, I've setted width of left template. but when I minimize resolution, It's not minimized as I want (image 2). If you don't mind, please check at this page.

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    • I may not have the answers to your questions but hope to offer some ideas for you to try.

      Question 1

      You could put the left-side text in a template and include an input for the height

      {| style="height: {{{height}}}px;"
      '''포니 대축제(At the Gala)'''는 '[[생애 최고의 밤]]' 에피소드에서 나온 노래이다. 꿈꿔 오던 포니 대축제에 참석한 트와일라잇과 친구들은 기뻐하며 오늘을 생애 최고의 밤으로 만들고자 다짐한다.

      Height Miri-Nae

      Question 2

      Do you want the 2nd template to sit on the left as in the above image? If so, I notice that the "min-width: 700px" and " width: 76%". As the page is 700px wide, it pushes this template below the other template. To sit alongside, the width would have to be below 420px or 60%.

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    • Thank you for answering. :)

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