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    And here we are. Anyone to blind me? It would less painful than seeing all this nonsense.
    So, it's just been implemented. Now we are, indeed, narrow-minded. Literally.
    It's as huge as my hand. Wonderful. I could catch the page and make someone eat it.
    It's like the letters on the page is trying to leap out of my monitor and eat me.
    I can't even view the full page. Look at the image! This is all I can see from the page!
    Kinda funny how they've been pushing so much mobile-friendly and now they locked up the phone editor
    My pages went from looking like a legal pad to the 3 line paper used in kindergarten.
    I hope the people who thought it's a good idea will never again have physical ability to access Internet, because of whatever circumstances.
    I use a Mac, and when this update came out, the screen looked like as if I was using my old Dell computer.
    There's no gain in making the text bigger and usable space smaller. It's nothing more than a mad dream of some lunatic which was somehow realized.
    I am in favour of the new look, it makes it very easy to read large amounts of text. No really. I love it. I always wanted to be able to read wikia from the other side of the street.
    It honestly seems like you asked around two or three guys like "Hey, Steve you like this design?" "Yeah it's alright" "Ok cool, we'll change it"
    We still have this teeny tiny hope that there's even one person with brains and hint of common sense. Unlikely but remotely possible.
    The increased font size and the massively reduced width makes it difficult to read, especially longer sentences that used to be one line ends up taking several lines now.
    Is it is impossible to scroll horizontally on mobile devices after switching to the desktop view? I am stuck with only being able to see the first 800 or so pixels of every page as I cannot zoom out.
    I have poor eyesight but I was perfectly fine with the old small font. Never had any problems reading it. In fact, this huge new font is harder for me to read than the small one
    You broke's unreadable on all the bigger screens right now. They don't want to zoom out - they bought a bigger screen because they wanted to see more at the same time.
    I'm so glad Wikia have made the font larger. Ever since I bought my double HD monitor I've strained my eyes everyday trying to read this website! Wait a minute, you can increase the font size with the scroll wheel?
    How many needless changes and code-breaking "additions" will you have to add before you alienate your users entirely? You've already dug your hole with this one.
    Couldn't they test these changes before implementing them? All Wikis have "Preview" buttons - and they have them for a reason. Shouldn't these updates go through a preview phase as well?
    So this update is aimed at improving mobile experience? How come you just ruined the mobile experience?
    When I'm fiddling with the PD wiki CSS and JS and I screw things up, I rollback to a working version and try again. That's how you make progress.
    There is way too much text on the pages. My mind is being blown every time I try and read anything. Could we limit what we see on a page a bit more, perhaps down to one letter at a time? That totally will help me understand, because according to Wikia, less text at one time is better, so one letter must be the best!
    You made pages looks with truly gigantic text. So can I report Wikia for vandalism of 300,000 wikias?
    I feel bad for Rupert Giles. Wikia Staff makes him announce their newest update that the community hates. Hey, listen to the people who use your site!
    Funniest thing is I'm an editing addict. Thank you Wikia, for helping me get rid of this addiction! You've just given me a new purpose in life and I won't waste it sitting in front of my PC for long periods anymore.
    OMG, watching it like this really scares me! The new font ate away almost 30% of the text in the first image! Better start training in using that scrolling wheel, folks!
    Wikia say that it should be bigger, so it's bigger. They think it's necessary to be bigger, so it's bigger. That's the way it works around here.
    So, previously only tablet users had this problem, but now ALL users have this problem... genius wikia strikes again.
    Now a huge gray block on the right side of the editing fields for both Visual and Source editors appears.
    It's so that a desktop can look the same as a phone. Next, they'll ask everyone to turn their monitors to portrait mode for an optimal experience.
    Now, tables are crushed everywhere. All this has done is upset desktop users - wide tables still suck on tablets and now suck on desktops too.
    Does the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" spring to mind? :P
    On peoples smart phones, they can't access the Desktop View anymore because of this change.
    It's so awesome that my co-workers on the other side of the office can read the site over my shoulder! It's more than useless, it's a BAD change.
    If you can't fix it, drag more people in your misery. That'll make things better!
    Forcing this update on everyone is terrible. Now numerous Wikis will need to redesign everything all over again including site backgrounds and page layouts, not to mention the pages look so cramped now with everything larger and squished together.
    I can't begin to state how stupid it is to increase font size based on screen size. Please show me a single website that defines font size based on screen size. I can promise you not a single site does this because that's not how font size works!
    You start out with the elegant MediaWiki, which doesn't need improvement, and you keep trying to "improve" it. You took something that was clean, simple, easy-to-read and easy-to-use, and you turned it into a trashy mess of frames, borders, ads, buttons, search bars, and notifications.
    How exactly am I supposed to see everyone in live chat when I can't scroll to see everyone?
    Wikia just screwed everything up on the wiki I use. None of the tables and formating fit. We will have to redo most the major pages that we spent months working on. It would be great to have everything work on mobile, but at this point you might want to consider the sanity of the people actually building wiki's. Your one size fits all approach doesn't work for everyone.
    Without us editors there wouldn't be anything to see. So which one you want to annoy more? Those who come to read or those who make the things they read?
    My screen is really really reeeeally~~ small, and after the changes the editor is terrible.
    You aren't making mobile any better, you're just making desktop worse.
    Well this certainly isn't an improvement for me, it's a downgrade, for now on Chrome it is impossible for me to scroll all the way to the right of the page in desktop mode.
    Editing on the full site on mobile is essentially impossible - I can't slide over at all because of how everything is crunched.
    I am admin and in agreement that this new update is not helping us out in the slightest. Now, as admins, we are being blamed by other users for the new format and told to change it when its out of control.
    Let's see what happens if we double space this just like school
    What sort of "improvement" is this? I don't see what's been fixed, all I see is you fixing things that aren't even broken to begin with.
    I kept trying to reset my browser zoom level, thinking I had hit it by accident... Font size is horribly large. I have a large high-res monitor so I can pack more stuff on my screen, not so I can sit 10 feet away and read giant fonts...
    The victims here are the people who spend hours designing the layout and look of their pages, only to have said layout thrown out the window.
    This new size is awful and makes things look unprofessional. I have a somewhat large monitor so all of the fonts look like they're a swollen toe or something.
    Why did you implement this rather dumb change? I'm sorry but my wiki now looks like something a young child would design. All in BIG FONTS and all scrunched up. You seriously think this looks better?
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