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    Posting here, because my original aside in the thread was not intended to derail the thread.

    Master Ceadeus 27 wrote: Personally, if it's something I can justify taking care of myself, I like to block for underagedness, simply because I think having their account disabled permanently is a bit harsh.

    However, if they're problematically spreading their age on wikia, I think it's best to report them.

    That's just my two cents.

    I think a local admin blocking them is "a bit harsh". If they have done nothing that would merit a block if they were 18, then what's the purpose?

    • Q1: Under what conditions you can you "justify" blocking them?
    • Q2: What is "problematically spreading their age on wikia"?
    • Q3: Imagine that Setheo, Gojira57, or Cottonmouth255 is actually 12. They each have thousands of edits, so it's safe to say the wiki wouldn't be the same without either of them - so how would it help the wiki to block them simply for being 12?

    I'm not looking for an argument, or to convince you of anything, I would just like to understand your opinion.

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    • You are entitled to your opinion. So am I.

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      Yes, you're entitled to your opinion, I am not refuting that, and I would like to understand your opinion, so I have asked you 3 questions to help me understand.

      If I ever post an opinion that you do not understand, I would be happy to explain it to you.

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    • edit: I'm calmed slightly now, so I'll elaborate.

      • Q1: If the underage user is 1) posting their age excessively 2) an unconstructive user anyway
      • Q2: Duh. It's when a user posts their age on multiple places across multiple wikias, highly increasing the chance that something bad happens.
      • Q3: I know Setheo personally; he's in his twenties. Cottonmouth is in college. If Gojira is 12, he's got the most grown-up voice I've ever heard on a 12-year-old. Assuming, however, they were twelve, then unless they were doing one of the above, no, I wouldn't block them. They're smart people and if they were 12 would know better than to spread their age.

      My reckoning is this: if you're 12 and wanna be on wikia, you can! Just don't tell anyone your age and no one will be the wiser.

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    • Also, i personally don't understand why a temporary, local block would be worse than a permanent cross-wikia block. Expound?

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      Thanks, I agree with your conclusion.

      If a 25 year old user was posting their age excessively, I would ask that they stop posting their age everywhere and contribute to the wiki. ;)

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    • I mean, spam is spam. If they're just putting their age on their userpage or something, that's OK.

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