• Do you remember how the three of us became the Trio of Trouble? I first met you, Jon, in Central Wikia chat, where you accused me of being a recent troll because I was from Alaska. Now, you're my insane twin. And, I first met Blaze, in Central chat too, when she and I were talking about 64 Zoo Lane? Hell, she and I sang to that song all night.

    How did we ever become such best friends?

    Remember when we always made strange jokes in Central chat that absolutely nobody would understand? I think we all remember Blaze's cat. iOS7. Turkey.. Classy.. Every single joke healed the holes in my heart from my bitter past. Remember how we had those 1am Skype calls? I'd almost wake my family up from me laughing so hard.. but it didn't matter. What mattered was I was enjoying the company.

    I love you, Brother. You are my twin. You mean everything to me. I'm going to put in faith that you will be okay. Because you know what? We're the Trio of Trouble. We're the Elite Crazies.

    Much love,


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    • I'll be real, here. You guys gave me something to kind of believe in. I never really had friends I could rely on back then, but now that I have friends in real life, I've really truly realised what our friendship is. It felt strange to be able to put my trust in someone I'd never met, but you know what? I chose right. I love you guys so much.

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