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    17:15, October 29, 2015

    On Trollpasta wiki every time I go on chat SOMEGUY123 and LOLSKELETONS harass me,and also a user called 2xnitro,and everytime I make a comment,they find it and say insults on it,I said something on a user blog and LOLSKELETONS said "lol *bleep* off". Someguy,2xnitro and LOLSKELETONS keep saying I have autism. Also a user called Soviet Comrade does it too. I was also joking around in the comment section and then Comrade and LOLSKELETONS say I'm not funny at all. I think they're trying to get me off Trollpasta wiki. I also believe that they constantly watch over the recent changes for my comments then they throw insults at me for no reason.

    The users doing it are

    • SOMEGUY123 (since August,also deletes pastas just because he dosen't think they're funny)
    • LOLSKELETONS (since a couple days ago,though I have had enough of him harassing me)
    • Mai sentry (since a couple days ago)
    • 2xnitro (since a couple days ago)
    • Soviet Comrade (since August)

    The first is a blog by GodzillaFan1 called The History of Trollpasta Wiki

    I forget the second one

    Everything the users do 24/7 is insult and curse at each other

    Skepolo and GodzillaFan1 seem to be the only reasonable admins

    Also 2xnitro told me on my talk page to kill myself.

    This has made me pretty angry,and I can't believe myself for not reporting them for 3 months.

    I don't care if they get global banned infinitely,I just wish they could be taught a lesson somehow like the admins getting their rights removed (the ones that insult me)

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