• I'm an administrator of the Voltage Inc. Wikia and I was wondering something for quite a while: do any of you know how to create a message to all commentators located at the top of the comments page/section?

    Like for the VOCALOID Wiki has theirs set up like:


    I appreciate an answer!


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    • ok

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    • Had to get a little creative to find it, but their one is located here.

      In general, it should be MediaWiki:Oasis-comments-header.

      Edit: for future reference, Special:AllMessages will bring up a list of all the MediaWiki pages that exist on Wikia.

      I found the specific one you were looking for by going to the top and setting "Filter by customisation state" to "Modified" (since the vast majority of them on most wikis haven't been changed from their default state), and then doing a Ctrl-F search for some of the sample text in the header that you were looking for.

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