aka Jayce, Cloud, Tabitha, K

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Sysop on Warriors Wiki
  • I am Nonbinary
20140628165410!SnowedLightning.personal.png Hello there! My name's SnowedLightning, but you're more than welcome to call me Snow, Lightning, Cloudy, or Skye. I've been editing Wikia since May of 2009, and I have no real life outside of Wikia. You'll usually find me on Warriors Wiki, where I'm one of the administrators, and one of its most active editors. I'm also a member of Community Council, and I am one of the Wikia Stars, so you're more than likely going to find me creeping around and I can be summoned with a message or two.

With the exception of a select few wikis, I probably won't be around for very long, but I'm always reachable with a message wall or talk page comment.

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