Hi, I am 2years-too-young. I am the creator of both the fightmon wiki and fightmon itself. So far there aren't many users on my wiki (just two, including me) so anyone is free to join! Also check out the newsletter idea for the fightmon wiki. You can subscribe the newsletter by commenting on it saying that you want to subscribe and what wiki you want it sent to, and it will be sent to you on whatever wiki your most commonly on. (subscribing is free)


I'm only the founder of the fightmon wiki.

To do listEdit

This Wiki:Edit


Fightmon WikiEdit

Fixing Dragiri's current image, creating as many fightmon images to upload at my wiki, and helping with the fightmon games.

Make People WikiEdit

Draw pictures for the characters in my story The Assasin and Tribal.

A Haunting Wiki:Edit

Trying to make this wiki into a bigger one.


Fightmon Wiki:Edit

Having trouble with Bliffe's image.

Make People Wiki:Edit

Can not draw in the way I want the characters in The Assasin to look. (luckily, I'm learning)

A Haunting Wiki:Edit

Can not remember many episodes.