Andi Cruz

aka Sarah

  • I live in California, LA
  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is A Wikian; a medical student;
  • I am Female

Andi Cruz
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Apple & Onion Wiki (Founder/Admin) •

Welcome to the Wayne (Founder/Admin) • CW's Life Sentence Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Nickelodeon Glitch Techs (Founder/Admin) • Elena of Avalor (Founder/Admin) • Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything (Admin) • Pinky Malinky (Founder/Admin) • Guardians of the Galaxy: The Series (Founder/Admin) • Bizaardvark (Founder/Co-Head) • Talia in the Kitchen (Founder/Admin) • W.I.T.s Academy (Admin/Bureaucrat) • MECH-X4 (Founder/Admin) • School of Rock (Founder/Co-Head) • Raven's Home (Founder/Admin) • Big Hero 6 Wiki (Admin) • Foursome Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Future Worm! Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Pickle and Peanut Wiki (Bureaucrat) • Milo Murphy's Law Wiki (Bureaucrat/Admin)• Make It Pop Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Bunsen is a Beast! Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Ride Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Sky Rat Wiki (Founder/Admin) • Supernoobs! Wiki (Founder/Admin) •

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hi इस सभ्य की मातृभाषा हिन्दी है।

Profile Description
Hello! I am Sarah de La Cruz and I currently live in California, LA. I was born in Australia but moved to America when I was 1. Afterwards, I went to India to learn and get my Culture Degree in Sciences for seven years, and then I took interest in Medicine, after my SAT score was 99% when I was in New York. I was originally in New York studying, although many of the universities declined my option. As sad as I was, I did not let that get in my way. So, I left the next night to Vancouver, where they rejected me again. I then flew to Denver, but unfortunately, their spots were all booked out. Then, I got a call from my mother and she told me to go to California, as there is an open spot at the University of California. I happily accepted the offer and flew to California for the interview. I then got admission and started studying there in March 31, 2016. Now, it's 2017 and I am thinking of also taking a coding course too, because Wikia is awesome! When I become successful, I want to be a motivational speaker some day, because it is my dream. I'm not a normal girl from New York. I'm Sarah.

I have a boyfriend, his name is Lust. He is so protective of me and I'm so grateful he is always there. And a dog named Archer! He's the best! :)


I love you guys! :)