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I've been crawling around the internet since 1994. My main handles are youkai-hime and AomiArmster. I use AomiArmster the most and is the namesake of one of my characters I've made for art and stories. I have even made Aomi Armster dolls. Aomi Armster is a shape-shifting shadow demon. I am an art student, my hobbies are drawing, music ( I play the piano), writing, martial arts, video games, and studying ( I love to learn). I Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. I haven't really edited anything on Wikia and other Wikias as of yet I merely browse on through even though I keep tabs on what I find questionable information.


Aomi Armster is property of Teni.S. Aomi in default outfit, Orb Ball and Drop missing.

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