This has been one hell of a year, let's be honest. But this also been one of the greatest. At the start of 2013, I was in despair. I was in the midst of a major fight with a close friend, I was stressed out from school and other. As the year progressed, some significant individuals took the spotlight and truly made the rest of my year wonderful. I would like to honor those people by explaining their part in shaping who I am today. Without further ado, I'm going to list these wonderful people:

SS37~~ This amazing person saved my life on countless occasions. I would be absolutely nowhere if SS37 hadn't shown up in my life. He's compassionate, patient, and all-around awesome. When all else failed, he was right there, ready to do whatever he could to comfort me. SS37 is my shooting star, and always will be. Thank you, SS37, for being a precious, mature individual<3

Brother~~ Ah, yes. My twin brother. I love him to pieces, to be honest. Mostly because of how many hoops he has jumped through for not only my sake, but SS37's too. While others may see a goofball messing around in chat with me, I see a wonderful friend who enjoys poking fun at me. -cough- Hat. Blaze's Cat. -cough- Anyway, on a more serious note, Brother has always been a dear friend to me, and I deeply thank him for being a reliable friend<3

Blaze~~ The little sister I've ///always/// wanted is Blaze. I adore her, and I probably worry over her way too much. xD But, she does the same for me, so I guess we're even??? Anyway, Blaze has an astonishing level of wisdom, when she's not busy trying to run from Lenny and Brother. XDD I love her so much, and we're going to meet with SS37 and Brother in a few years. ouo Road trip~ Thank you, Blaze, for being a dear little sister figure<3

Apollo~~ I admittedly had my doubts about Apollo at first. He appeared quite stern and strict, but that was back before I understood the VSTF and how kind they were. ^^ Apollo has been the older brother figure that I've never had. He's sarcastic, witty, and a damn good friend, while at it. I call him Apollo because of his light-hearted spirit. =P I care about him so damn much, even though we have our strange little debates. xD By the way, Jell-O and Jelly are ///not/// the same thing. >8C Apollo, thank you for being a mature (sometimes), awesome friend<3

Luc-kie Boy~~ Luc-kie Boy somehow ended up in Brother, Blaze, and I's group. He's handled his burden well, though. =P To be honest, I think I don't give him far enough credit for how much he's guided me as of late. While witty and funny, Luc-kie Boy also has a golden heart. ^^ Thank you, Luc-kie Boy, for your support<3

I'd like to also take the time to personally thank Thisismyrofl, TyA, Sactage, and Cook Me Plox for being awesome chatting partners. ^^

Let's make 2014 a good year k