aka Boot Lover

  • My occupation is Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin, and Content Moderator on a variety of wikis. (See profile on any of the wikis listed in "My Favorite Wikis.")
  • I am enjoying November because that's the month of my birthday, and it nears Thanksgiving and Christmas at this time of year. I am also a pleasant person (Imao). I love yogurt, for the record. *shrugs*

Wikis on which I currently edit: Edit

  1. Dreamy Wiki (Bureaucrat) (Admin) (This is currently the main wiki I edit!)
  2. Boots Wiki (Founder)
  3. Spirit Halloween Store Wiki (Bureaucrat) (Admin)
  4. Goosebumps Wiki
  5. Potc Extras Wiki (Admin)
  6. R.L. Stine Wiki (Content Moderator)
  7. Star Wars Legends Wiki (Admin)

Community Highlights Edit


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