aka rj

  • I live in san francisco
  • I was born on June 10
  • I am male
  • Bio Marketing for FANDOM. Also an amateur dad, writer, musician, snowboarder, yogger, guitarer, and hooper. Debatable expert at celebrating my major fandoms: Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Silicon Valley, fancy beer, Cleveland baseball, and the Green Bay Packers. Currently Watching: The Leftovers
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My Top Fandoms:

Mobile Apps TV Shows Movies Music Sports
Instagram Simpsons Jurassic Park Ben Harper Green Bay Packers
Untappd Seinfeld Forrest Gump Phish Cleveland Indians
Wunderlist Game of Thrones Snatch Wilco University of Minnesota Basketball
HBO Go Friday Night Lights Dumb & Dumber Bon Iver My Fantasy Baseball Team
Snapchat The Wire Old School Andrew Bird
Silicon Valley LotR Trilogy My Morning Jacket
Office Space James Vincent McMurrow