aka Richard, The Agent of Chaos

  • I live in the bush outside your house
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Konk
  • I am The Monger of Cheese

Hi there! I am a Wiki user who started around July 2010.

I am a by-ear piano player and a fan of POTCO.

I love Pirates of the Caribbean ( POTC ) and Pirates Online ( POTCO ). I play POTCO very much, and am probably considered a person who is obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, and anything that has to do with pirates in the 1700s. Whether it's a type of sword, ship, food, or a famous British admiral.

I even write my own fanon of POTCO, here -Goldvane Trilogy

Another thing about Pirates of the Caribbean I love is the soundtracks for it. Hans Zimmer is epic, wonderful, and awesome.

From loving his music so much, I wanted to play it. I became a by-ear piano player, and can now play various themes from Pirates of the Caribbean, whether it's He's A Pirate, or an unreleased theme released to Youtube. I can also play some Star Wars, and some other little things.

I even made my own theme for my Goldvane Trilogy story!

So to wrap it up, I love PotC, writing, and playing piano by-ear. Not bad hobbies, in my opinion.

My Real LifeEdit

I wont be sharing much about myself, except for a few charactizing things. I am homeschooled, and not yet employed or in college.


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Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie series. I like movies with action, drama, suspense, comedy, and not a bunch of fiddly-diddly love stories or romantic comedies. I also dislike cuss words, but a few are ok.I like movies like Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, Back to The Future, and some animated movies.


My music personality is very strange compared to the normal preferences of the average human being my age. I prefer soundtracks. That's right, soundtracks, Classical soundtracks, with no annoying singing ( choir is ok ). I think music really presents and expresses the character of a movie. My favorite composer is Hans Zimmer, and I also like John Williams, Alan Silvestri, and John Powell.


Playing the piano is one of my favorite things. I really enjoy creating my own scores, and "soundtracks". I create themes for little pictures in my head. I also play alot of currently existing music such as soundtracks from movies and a few other things by-ear.

Another of my favorite things to do is writing. I thank this very Wiki for giving birth to my writing interest, and discovering I really enjoy it.I also enjoy just being a part of the Wikia community and helping out this Wiki. I enjoy playing POTCO and searching for and collection the rare "Famed" items. I also enjoy a friendly match of Pirate vs Pirate with my friends.