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August 30, 2012
  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Author
  • I am A tank

Welcome to my userpage!

My name's Master Ceadeus 27 (or Cead for short), and I'm an active user here on Community Central and on several other Wikis. I'm a rather accomplished Wiki author, and I'm currently working on a series fanfiction on Monster Hunter Fanon. My hobbies include radio-control helicopters (recently adopted), writing, gaming, and gardening. You can find me on Monster Hunter Fanon as an administrator and bureaucrat, World of Tanks Wikia as an admin and bureaucrat, and The Boondock Saints Wiki as an admin and bureaucrat. If you want to discuss those wikis, a block on those wikis, the random chicken sitting on top of those wikis, my favorite food, or just about anything else, my message wall is the place for it. Thanks!

My Quotes

Most of these are either random or deep, and most aren't how I normally speak. A lot of them sound naive (they are) and you'll probably hope I've changed (I have), so just read at your own risk.

"You better start kissing anything that even remotely looks like an ass." - Deputy Chief

"Great, now my brother has a lizard brain." - Debra Morgan

"I have no idea what "hammer time" is, or how it differs from regular time." - Dexter Morgan

"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent." - Don Collier, Fury.

The tragedy of man is that he knows not what to do with his life, and knows less how to use his death.

"No one has to do anything except die. Choice."

"When laying out opinions, treat them as onions: expect crying, cut them up, cook them well, and make sure you remain calm."

"Everyone lies... The only thing that changes is the quantity, quality, and rate."

"If my friend ... were to insult my mother, he would [sic] [should] expect a punch. ... You cannot provoke, you cannot insult the faith of others." - Pope Francis

"Dying is easy. Living is hard!" - Dr. James Wilson, House

"If you want to do stupid things, go right ahead, but I'm content watching your failure."

"Hell is for noobs."

Favorite Songs
  • Tied To You (Neil Halstead)
  • Wittgenstein's Arm (Neil Halstead)
  • Full Moon Rising (Neil Halstead)
  • Digging Shelters (Neil Halstead)
  • The Last Goodbye (Billy Boyd)
  • Engel (Rammstein)
  • Mein Herz Brennt (Rammstein)
  • Mutter (Rammstein)
  • Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)
  • Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
  • Our Town (James Taylor)
  • Sweet Baby James (James Taylor)
  • Pink Triangle (Weezer)
  • You Might Think (Weezer)
  • The Rifle's Spiral (The Shins)
  • Yesterday (Beatles)
  • Let It Be (Beatles)
  • Here Comes The Sun (Beatles)
  • Hey Jude (Beatles)
  • Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash)
  • That Old Wheel (Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Jr.)
  • The Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
  • Leaving On a Jet Plane (John Denver)
  • Country Roads (John Denver)
  • As Tears Go By (The Rolling Stones)
  • The Ludlows (James Horner, orchestral piece)
  • As Tears Go By (Vitamin String Quartet)
My Friends

This is a list that I reserve for people who have stuck it out, who've always been there. Who have met me at my worst, laughed at me at my best, and saw me through everything and stuck by my side. Not for people who have helped once or twice, not for people I've spoken to maybe once, and not for people that I barely know who claim to know me a lot. They usually don't.

Note: As of 6/5/2014, this list is primarily an archive. All users listed below, with two exceptions, are either no longer my best friends (as they were upon addition) or have left wikia. A template or notification will be provided at the end of each name to represent status. Thank you for reading.

It's worth noting that Atomic Angel hasn't been known as such for a long time, and while we're no longer that close... we're still friends. Same for .Dawnshadow, though I'm arguably closer to her.

ABSENT: Has left Wikia, with no intentions to return
AWOL: Has left Wikia without prior notification; unknown location and return status
END: Our status as friends is changed since addition.

  • Sam - This is Sam. Sam likes to wikia. So i herd u leik rare drops? talk 2 sam. Anyway, Avi is a great person that I've known since darker times. dark times man he knows what i mean
  • Evelyn - my current online best friend. We met in very late November, and became friends in December. She's a very, very cool person to be around and to talk to. She's particularly lovely and I've had some very cool conversations with her. Though she's still young, she actually surprises me with how much she actually knows about the real world and how much she understands. Mit liebe~
  • Roffel - One of the longest friendships I've had on Wikia is with this guy! He's a very, very fun person, and an incredibly intelligent person. He's also remained a good friend throughout the past two years. I tip my hat to you, sir.~
  • Sister- My adopted Sister. We've known each other for...Quite a while. I met her at a time in my life when I didn't want to make friends. I wanted to give up, run away, cry, stop living-I contemplated suicide daily. Life was not worth living. Then came Sister. She changed me a lot in this year, changes ranging from ending my thoughts about suicide, to simply being more silly, and even to being a better friend. Until around the beginning of December 2013, I didn't fully know how much I appreciated her and loved her. Ever since an event that happened around then, I've appreciated her and all my friends a lot more. I just hope this little hat knows how much she means to me, how much I care, and most of all, how much I appreciate her. ABSENT [4/28/14]
  • Eowyn - Another online "sibling". I've known her since 2012, back when her username was--actually, I don't even remember, it's been so long ago... Even back then, we were acquaintances, but we didn't become great friends until around August of 2013. She's such a wonderful addition to my friend group and she has helped me in more ways that I can -- or she can -- tell. I love her like I love Sister, and I hope she knows it. AWOL

Teekay - My online brother. I'll admit, I used to be terrified of him, I used to hate him, and it wasn't until August of 2013 that I began to get to know him better: I began to learn his mind and gain his friendship. So far, we've helped each other loads, and I wouldn't be where I am today if not for him and Sister's and my other friend's help. END [2/20/2014 ?]

Aveil - A user I've known since around November 2013. She's a wonderful friend and a great user, always willing to lend a helping--or even just a hearing--ear to her friends in need. I love her like my best friend--whom she is--and though we've went through a lot, fights, anger, all that jazz, I still want her to know how much her friendship means to me. It's helped... A lot. AWOL [5/20/2014 ?]

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Sign if you're my friend. Sign if you're, eh, on the fence. Sign if you're my enemy, too, just don't be mean. lol

You're a good person. Brandon Pow (talk) 11:53, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

ohaithar --J[sign]

JPhil2.002:59:47 Wed 05 Nov 2014

Why is me not on your friends page? :o

  Avin  wall  "Shadows wonder why we scream."  21:39,12/14/2014    203  

The Great and Powerful Oz is now here! –Ozuzanna (wall)  21:41, December 14, 2014 (UTC)

Cause I'm happy~ 16:26, December 15, 2014 (UTC)

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