I'm here seeking help for many things in which I've problems.

Wiki's you can find me editing..

Wiki Joined Status Position
Community Central February 2017 Active Editor
Dragnarok Wiki May 2017 Active Admin & Bureaucrat
India February 2017 Active Adopter, Admin & Bureaucrat
Tower of God Wiki January 2017 Active Admin
UnOrdinary Wikia February 2017 Active Admin
Wikis Briefly Edited
Animanga ~ Baahubali ~ Bungo stray dogs ~ Lumine ~ Magician ~ Nanatsu no Taizai
Naruto Answers ~ Narutopedia ~ OnePunch-Man
My current Global edit 10,000Edits
Special Thanks to few
Demotivator ~ Minato826 ~ DEmersonJMFM ~ Fandyllic ~ KockaAdmiralac ~ Annabeth and Percy ~
Ditto Creeper Bot ~ Kirkburn