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Wikis I'm Administrating

Wiki Joined Status Position
Community Central February 2017 Semi-Active Editor
Brothers Bond Wiki November 2017 Semi-Active Admin & Bureaucrat
India February 2017 Semi-Active Adopter, Admin & Bureaucrat
Tower of God Wiki January 2017 Active Admin
UnOrdinary Wikia January 2017 Active Admin & Bureaucrat
Wikis Briefly Edited
Animanga ~ Baahubali ~ Bungo stray dogs ~ Dragnarok Wiki ~ Lumine ~ Magician ~ Nanatsu no Taizai
Naruto Answers ~ Narutopedia ~ OnePunch-Man
My current Global edit 11,000Edits
Special Thanks to few
Demotivator ~ Minato826 ~ DEmersonJMFM ~ Fandyllic ~ KockaAdmiralac ~ Annabeth and Percy ~
Ditto Creeper Bot ~ Kirkburn