aka Jayce, Cloud, Tabitha, K

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Sysop on Warriors Wiki
20140628165410!SnowedLightning.personal.png Hello there! My name's SnowedLightning, but you're more than welcome to call me Snow, Lightning, Cloudy, or Skye. I've been editing Wikia since May of 2009, and I have no real life outside of Wikia. You'll usually find me on Warriors Wiki, where I'm one of the administrators, and one of its most active editors. I'm also a member of Community Council, and I am one of the Wikia Stars, so you're more than likely going to find me creeping around and I can be summoned with a message or two.

With the exception of a select few wikis, I probably won't be around for very long, but I'm always reachable with a message wall or talk page comment.

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