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Hi there, Im Count Caterpie. I'm the Admin/Founder of Mario Party Wiki, sysop of Mario Wiki and current Administrator of the Get Smart Wiki. I love both gaming and editing articles, and I'm happy to help this great project. Come check us out on the Mario Party and Get Smart Wikis.


You don't know what that means? Wikis Worked With Whenever. These are the wikis I work with.

  • Zeldapedia - Legends of Zelda - Active:Kind of.. I edit when I can...
  • Smash Wiki - Smash Bros. - Inactive: maybe like 5 edits.. and an image.
  • Mario Party Wiki - Mario Party - Active: Admin/founder
  • Mario Wiki - Mario - Active: Sysop.
  • Donkey Kong Wiki - Donkey Kong - Active:Our partner wiki. I help when I can
  • Get Smart Wiki - Current Administrator
  • Disney Wiki - Very Active

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