aka Crystal

  • I live in florida
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is profiler
  • I am Female
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== Name=Ariuzi

likes:He loves to teacher party with his brother yaname

and hang out with crystal he loves to also sing well sometimes

and hes always happy and kind loving

dislikes: Daichi ,its not he dosent likes daichi but when daichi is around crystal in his heart hes mad and thinks things in jealousy and is nice sometimes loves to sneak food

Favorite food:pizza,spaghetti

Favorite things to do when hes bored:lay down and sleep


(this was my first student)

bio:when i met crystal i knew it was the best day of my life,Until i met

yaname who wasnt half way bad i thought it was just the two of us

until 2 more brothers who i like now came xD

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Name: Daichi

Likes:hanging out mostly with lee,

loves attention,loves food fighting with lee


Favorite food:chocolate curry buns,ramen,onigirl

favorite things to do when bored:either flirt or food fight with lee


(my third student)

bio:When crystal found me i thought i was the only

student she just met i was a fox who was lost and needed someone

so shion decided to give me to her when i went to go to sleep i saw

ariuzi and yaname say "hey what are you doing get away from her"

it took me a while to get along with them then i met lee who is my brother

and best friend.

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Favorite food: jelly filled donuts,cakes,icecream,almond chocolates and sweet things except loves eating rice porridge

Dislikes:mean words and mean things

likes:nice people and loves crystal and ariuzi kindness,loves his brothers


Bio:when i was a animal boyfriend i was really shy with the guest

crystal brought me sweets and i decided to be cheerful cause i was shy when i met ariuzi i thought he was a mean guy by how he looked but never judge by someone appearance they always say so we were close when i met lee and daichi they were cool but daichi is somethimes mean so

i am used to it hes the best brother too.

(sorry it was the only style for yaname he was asleep)


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Favorite food:Russian tea cookies,Fish pie,omurice

likes:dangerous things,hanging out with family,and dangerous adventures with crystal

loves being tough

dislikes:when daichi gets attention sometimes when he haves family


Bio:when i met crystal it was fun i guess because when i did first meet

her it was fun what i did the first time she went shopping with me and i ran away

doing dangerous things pretending to fall off a building when a rope what there on top

she really thought i was gonna do it

when i met yaname he was so kawaii brother and the rest of the brothers sometimes when daichi gets mad at yaname he chases him and yaname hides behind me wierd dont ya think haha

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