Hey d00ds, just because this is a different account dosen't mean it's not me old Dragonknight86. This is just a backup account in case something were to happen to my main account.

Friends Edit

  • SJenson: aka Samuel, my best friend (Or one of them), super fun guy, easy to get along with, and he'll do anything for ya. 
  • Secord: Though we have some creative differences, he's still like a bro to me (My geeky older brother :P). Very good at computer art (But don't ask for anything other than a weapon or hideout).
  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion: aka Donny or Donyark, by far the most mature person I've ever met. Easy to get along with, and really good with people (Unlike Mua). He also is very active at the communties he has rights at, and he is very good at time management.
  • Chad012: aka Chad, I got to say, the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover" fits Chad completely. I'm not going to lie, I did not like Chad when I first met him. He seemed to only be interested in earning rights anywhere he went. However, after getting to know him (And getting on to him about the rights issue), he really is a good person. Definitely worth having a chat with.
  • Sparkarez: aka Spark or Sparky, is definitely really cool. I can't really say much about him, because he's just to awesome to write about. Go Sparky! XP
  • Thisismyrofl: aka d00d, Rofl, Elec, or Stephen, I can flat out say he's my fav CC admin. He's not only funny, but I can seriously relate to this guy. We share lots of the same interests, and do some of the same things. Unless you have no humor, or don't understand any internet slang, then you'll like this guy.
  • Cook Me Plox: aka Elefint, Plox, or Ploxinator, this guy definitely is the coolest VSTF member. He listens to your problems, and dosen't just ignore them. This guy is one of hell of an admin/VSTF member.
  • Vicyorus: aka Vic, ahh where do I start with this guy? He's the comic relief of CC, and we both are on the same page of who's awesome and who's not so awesome. 
  • Amir Kinard: aka Amir, it's hard to believe but we're friends. XD. This one is tricky to describe, considering the fact are friendship is kinda recovering from a low point. That's all I really have to say at the moment.
  • TheWWC: aka Brit, has been a friend of mine since when I joined Community Central. Though I haven't seen him lately :/, he's one person to willingly help however he can. 

Gallery Edit