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About Me

May the Force be with You, friend! I am Darthwikia, an avid Minecrafter, Terrarian, Chess player, and Youtuber all rolled into one. I love editing wikia! I am a member of the MCPE Wiki Administrative Team, and have over 11,000 Edits there. I am very experienced in HTML and Wiki Markup, and am also quite proficient with CSS and Javascript.

My Hobbies

  • Playing Minecraft, Terraria and other Sandbox Games
  • Playing Chess (I am an internationally ranked player)
  • Writing Short Stories and Poems
  • Reading Books
  • Watching Cool Films
  • Editing on Wikia (Duh :P)

My Contacts

My Aims & Ambitions

  • Reach 100 Edits
  • Reach 500 Edits
  • Help users with queries
  • Be a friendly and approachable wikian (Upto you all :D)

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