• I live in Tamriel
  • I was born on September 25
  • I am Female

DragonEmpress01 | INFJ | Libra | Ravenclaw Edit

Of Monsters And Men - Six Weeks (Official Lyric Video)

Of Monsters And Men - Six Weeks (Official Lyric Video)

Hello there! I'm DragonEmpress01, or Jillybean711 on other sites. Most of my friends simply call me DragonEmpress, Jillybean, or simply Dragon or Jilly. I'm an artist on Deviantart under the username jillybean711, I also have a Youtube channel and discord under the same username. and I really enjoy making art of various kinds, such as writing, photography, and drawing (Traditional and digital). I'm a huge animal lover, and I hope to become a wildlife biologist some day, as well as becoming an author as a side job. I love all animals, regardless of their behavior or appearance. Even the creepy crawlies, which some people find weird, as It's not uncommon for me to freehandle bugs, jumping spiders, and if I'm lucky, a bee. I'm incredibly passionate about nature, and find the natural world fascinating, even prehistoric organisms, such as dinosaurs or extinct mammals. One of the oddest things about me, is despite handling so many bugs and such, I have never been bitten or stung, even while handling a wasp, of which I came out of unscathed. I also really love mythology and history, and can carry a conversation on either topic. I also really love to learn things, where I can be found watching various educational Youtube channels, such as Deep Look, some gaming channels such as Jacksepticeye, various animations channels such as Noodlers, film critique channels like The Closer Look for example, and countdown channels like Top5s. I'm also a huge gamer, and some of my favorites games are ESO, Journey, The Last Guardian, Star Wars: Battlefront, and the Pokémon games too.