Finn 18

aka iCarly4Life #LoveMirandaCosgrove

  • I live in Bush well Plaza, California U.S.A
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Actress
  • I am Female

Gwen-Annodite Form, Ben 10 Omniverse

Gwen-Annodite Form, Ben 1O Omniverse

  • Team Pug, Aussie
  • Mike and Zoey, (Kiss). Total Drama All Stars
  • Garnet, Steven Universe
  • Buzz, Pedigree Adoption Drive
  • Mal, Total Drama All Stars
  • Kangaroo Dundee
  • Troy The Magician/The New Dynamo
  • Steven Universe
Welcome To Finn 18's Profile

What's up?. I'm Finn for short. I love Community Central Wiki. It's the first Wiki I ever went on and is just amazing. I'd love to meet new people around. So don't be afraid or shy to say Hi :)

You could also find me on Steven Universe Wiki where I am a Rollback and most active, :)

My Favourite Wiki'sEdit

1. Community Central Wiki-(I am Active on this Wiki)

2. Adventure Time Wiki-(I am Semi-Active on this Wiki)

3. Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu Wiki-(I am In-active on this Wiki)

4. The Legends Of Chima Wiki-(I am In-active on this Wiki)

5. Steven Universe Wiki-(I am Most Active on this Wiki)

6. Ben 10 Omiverse Wiki-(I am Semi-Active on this Wiki)

7. Total Drama Wiki-(I am Semi-Active on this Wiki)

My Special FriendsEdit

1. ElecBullet also known as Thisismyrofl

2. AliBear also known as Sweet But Sassy

3. Master Ceadeus 27

4. Mhlover7

5. Gamer68

6. Cook Me Plox

7. Lucan07

8. DeviantSerpent

9. Swagaholic419

10. General Greatness Super Flour

11. Jr Mime

12. PinkRapZ14

13. Windsword7

14. Elizabeth Red Fire