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Halo 4 2013-t2

The Cover Image On The Case Of Halo 4...

Dear 343 Indutries, I did love your new game, but I think you spoiled us... First, the new suit is cool, and I'm happy you added the full-time sprinting (even though a trained military space-man that's been trained for this since he was a baby can only sprint roughly 12 seconds...) You also did a good job of keeping us in suspense... thank you.

The UpsideEdit

The multiplayer finally has a proper story line -in a way- and I think we can all agree it fits quite nicely with the rest of chiefs story. Many new weapons were added such as the sticky detonator, the forerunner/precursor weapons, and the SAW. The new suit that has miraculously changed while in cryogenic sleep just before the ship is invaded by covenant baddies and ripped apart by gravity. The campaign was the most exciting for me. It was well plotted, a bit creepy, suspenseful and revealing. 343 succeeded in their goal to put us out of our comfort zone. Everything from teleporting enemies that seem to harvest skulls in a cyberman-like fashion and enemy teams slaughtering eachother for you (then trying to kill you later, but obviously failing ;D ) ! And thats what makes it nerve racking and out of the box- The players are soo used to 1 style, that can't stand the other, until they realise that that is what was supposed to happen! Multiplayer maps are absolutely beautiful and pleased us again when the ancient map Valhalla came back renamed as Ragnarok ! The armor looks amazing in multiplayer, and there is a more fair system of earning it! 343 also included a new vehicle named Mantis- Remember the district 9 mech suit? Its alot like that, but the arms are replaced by rocket launchers and can stomp on things to destroy them- quite a cheap way of winning, but I'm not saying it isn't fun :D . Halo 4 is deffinitely worth the 50 or 60 bucks at gamestop! Gamers beware- It's a fair challenge!

The DownsideEdit

Here is where we get negative- 343 did make BEAUTIFUL maps- but they wen a little overboard- They should've considered the feel of fighting in one more than the look. This is why people still play halo 3 multiplayer- because that's what happened with Reach (even though both Reach and the Forerunner/Precursor planet are supposed to look this way.) The maps are distracting and either too big, or too small. Before the game was released and was in the making, the trailers revealed what seemed to be a forerunner worlds scavenged with beauty and orange lighted forerunners''. A little more research revealed that these forms may not be the forerunners we know and love- The distinct neutral attitude and humanoid form with a silver and blue color scheme isn't present in theses enemies, and that can suggest a pre-evolutionary breed of forerunners who believe they are the final and past breed forerunners that had created the universe/halo/which ever you want to refer to. Or the other way- a forerunner evolution after the ones we knew that just so happened to have turned evil again. However, no research has concluded what this species would be called unless it is pre-evolutionary.These characters would be P'recursors and are the evloution before forerunners that were, evil, if you will. But then again, the subspecies like promethian knights and watchers still aren't the P'recursor subspecies we know. 343 called them forerunners but it becomes hard to believe. Yes, at the end of halo 3, the forerunner helper turns red/orange and turns on you, and the flood looks way different in halo 4 multiplayer, but I'd want answers to what happened to the forerunners. Leaving a crowd questioning can be a very good choice, but not when you do it to a franchise like this. It's too famous for the characters and aliens it has, so you can't just change something like that and not tell anyone about it. Sorry.

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