aka gray

  • I live in philippines, manila
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is photographer and watcher
  • I am hidden

My name is Jaymee Shannelle Del Corro , Carpio [fullname] isn't it? haha

I'm 15 years old but coming oct 25 im 16 :)

I lived in Paranaque philippines . but Dislike the economy here :3 full of rebel :3 -_-

Im an Otaku and Anti-social. let's say NEET. but I go to school but not a friendly though. I don't like them , I don't need them, cause maybe they'll backstab me to death., I hate that! then I found anime but first I thought it's only for kids why am I watching this king of thing? I ask myself... but day passed while watching I think that I like it! I Like to Live as OTAKU. I Want to be Like them. but that's just FANTASY.. I thought . so if it can't be in OUTSIDE Im sure I can do it but only inside house.. I also copying chunnibyo. :D

Anime is the one who helped me from sorrows and this is my Happinest. but suddenly when my classmate found out im otaku he told me that otakus is weird and that,this etc!!! I just said Need not to care.. :3 -_-

so that's it.. my although im like this im really a LONER,im a PSYCHO but in my mind im killing them and also A sadist with cold heart.. :)

but im not gonna show it here in wikia or everywhere in online sites :)

My favorite wikisEdit

  • Chihaya'furu
  • GrayMedusa'Otaku
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