This is a simple guide to image use on Wikia.

How to upload imagesEdit

To upload a picture, go to the toolbox section on your screen. It should be on the left hand side, right under the "search" bar. Click the link for "Upload file". Once there, use the "browse" button to select your file. Type in what you want to call the picture. For example "SillyGeorgeLucas.jpg". Fill in the summary section, and press upload.

You should preferably say where you get your information from. This applies to articles and images alike. When uploading an image, please be sure to tell other users where you found it by filling in the "Summary" section of the upload page.

How to add images to wiki pagesEdit

Wikia logo fullsize alpha

Wikia's logo in a neat box. This is called a "thumb."

To add an image to a page, simply enter this wikicode: [[Image:Imagename]] (where "Imagename" is the name of the image you want to add). If you want the image placed inside a "box", simply type [[Image:Imagename|thumb]]. "Thumbs" are generally most used in articles, because they look neat and orderly.

Wikia logo fullsize alpha

Wikia's logo, resized to be 150 pixels wide, and coded to appear on the left side of this article.

Now, maybe the image you uploaded was a bit too big. To fix this, simply enter [[Image:Imagename|thumb|100px]]. The image is resized to be 100 pixels wide. You can experiment with different size by adding any number in front of the "px" bit in the wikicode.

To move an image to either side of an article, simply use this wikicode: [[Image:Imagename|thumb|left]]. You can see an example of this to the left of this text.

You may notice that the two pictures of the Wikia logo have text underneath them. This is one of the nice features of thumbs: you can offer a short explanation of the image without cluttering up the article. This text is called a "caption." To add a caption to an image thumb, use this code: [[Image:Imagename|thumb|This is where your caption goes.]]